List of Upcoming Major Events in June

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With the markets currently active and pumping, #altcoins busy popping left, right and center. Here’s the list of fundamental news you need to keep an eye on.


List of Upcoming Major Events in June 2020

  1. IoTeX Mainnet GA is launching June 1, 2020

  2. Zilliqa’s Mainnet 2020 Dev Update

  3. Matic Network (MATIC) Mainnet go live with Initial set of Validators

  4. Bancor V2

  5. Sponsored Accounts Release & Proofi Upgrade Release on the LTO Network

  6. NEO 3.0 Mainnet

  7. BlockStacks 2.0 mainnet launch

  8. Elrond’s Bootstrapping Phase 3

  9. Beam Hardfork

  10. Launch of the Chiliz FC Barcelona Fan Token Offering 

  11. The DREP mainnet is expected to launch

Are we missing anyone? Please pop them in the comment section

Major Events

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